Register a Company 
Register a Company 

Register a Company 

The consistent economic and political prosperity of the United Kingdom makes it one of the most thriving business hubs in the world. The country boasts more than 2.60 million registered companies. The conditions for business in the United Kingdom are tremendously cooperative and uplifting. It is proven by the government’s initiative in aiding entrepreneurs register a company in UK simply and conveniently. Register a company in the USA

Register a Company in UK: Procedure

You can register a company in UK as any of the following company types:

  • Private company – limited by shares
  • Private company – limited by guarantee
  • Private unlimited company
  • Public limited company (PLC)

Entrepreneurs can manage the process of registration themselves; however, it is recommended that they seek professional aid. Moreover, if you decide to follow the electronic filing process (as opposed to the conventional manual process) you will have to hire a company formation agency, as specified by the Companies House.

Choosing a company name- After choosing the type, the next step is to name the company. The name must be unique and must not bear any resemblance to any other existing company name. It is advisable that you select a name that expresses the nature and type of your company, while sounding impressive to the audience. A name creates strong impressions, and can positively or negatively affect a company’s reputation. Also, take care not to use words and phrases that are not allowed by the law of the land.

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