Uses For Clean Room Sticky Mats
Uses For Clean Room Sticky Mats

Uses For Clean Room Sticky Mats

Many environments require an area to be free from bacterial and particulate contaminants. This can be a difficult assignment for anyone because people pick up debris on their shoes as they walk. Yet certain places must be kept free of these particulates and bacteria. The solution involves a product called clean room sticky mats.

What are Sticky Mats?

Sticky mats are compressed layers of polyethylene film. They come in packages 1/8 of an inch thick with up to 30 sheets in a packet, and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Sticky mats are covered in an adhesive that collects dirt and debris from shoes as they come into contact with a walker’s feet. When the top sheet becomes filled with too much dirt, you can simply pull the tab at one corner and discard the old sheet for the clean new sheet underneath. Installation is simple. There is an adhesive double sided strip on the bottom of the packet. Once you remove the protective covering, you place the pad on the area you want to protect and it is ready for use. Ultimate Mats

Uses for Sticky Mats

Sticky mats were developed for use in clean rooms that require sterile environments free from debris and bacteria. The adhesive covering the mat works well to remove dirt but it also is treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria. What industries require sticky mats?

· In the manufacture of electronics, the process requires a sterile environment. Employees who work in these rooms typically wear hazard suits over their clothing and shoes. However, these steps do not eliminate the dirt picked up on the feet of the sterile shoe coverings. Sticky mats easily solve this problem by removing the dirt and debris from the feet with the adhesive covering.

· Laboratories also require clean environments. It is vital to prevent contamination of samples to be tested. The equipment used must also be kept free of debris. While it may seem unlikely that dirt brought in on a foot could cause problems, it can happen because some dust particles are easily disbursed into the air upon motion. Sticky mats help solve this problem by preventing the dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the lab and into the air.

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