If you’ve ever been to an amateur car show
If you’ve ever been to an amateur car show

If you’ve ever been to an amateur car show

Today things are different. Most cars coming off the assembly line have corrosion-resistant plastics or carpets already installed. Rubber mats integrated into the carpets are another option being seen more and more. With new plastic, rubber, and nylon products largely mitigating the rust issue, at least from the inside of the car, floor mats today are more about keeping the carpet clean than anything else. Thus the question of whether or not I should really be spending money on them. customized floor mats

If you’ve ever been to an amateur car show or hung around a bunch of motor heads, you know they would tell you that floor mats are still needed to protect the interior of your car. They might be right to a degree, but poke your head through the window and you might notice something interesting. You might see a coordinated design scheme with matching dashboard, steering wheel, seat covers, door handles, and yes…car mats. Some of these cars are decked out better than their owner’s houses!

So what am I saying; don’t buy car mats? Of course not. Car mats still serve a practical purpose to a point. What I’m saying is that in addition to helping you fight carpet stains and rust, your floor mats can be a decorating element too.

Let’s just say you’ve got a tricked-out Vauxhall Astra Mark 6 to which you’ve added gold trim on the interior. Why not look for some hot black and gold floor mats that scream for your attention every time you open the door? As long as you’re spending the money, make it worth your while.

If you really want to make a statement, you can go for custom floor mats designed specifically for your make and model. These babies are made according to the exact measurements of your floor area and they fit perfectly. If you can find them with the logo of your car’s manufacturer, that’s even better.

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