If you will be investing in floor mats
If you will be investing in floor mats

If you will be investing in floor mats

Adding a border to your customized rug is an excellent way to highlight your logo. custom logo floor mats

Think of this kind of like you would place a photograph in a frame with a mat. The border can complement or contrast with the colors in your logo. And don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what type of border, or what color combinations are best—our team will provide a few eye-catching suggestions.

Leave Room For Some Text

In addition to selecting your custom rug sizes, consider leaving some room on some or all of your mats for your school or company tag line, for directive text or design elements, or for event specific text or graphics.

Don’t Go Too Small

You are used to seeing your logo as a fairly small and secondary focal point on your website, letterhead, brochures, and advertisements. However, your logo will be the primary focal point of your new rugs—so it needs to stand out. In most cases, it will be centered in the middle of your mat, and should be large enough that all of the design details are discernible. If your logo includes text, then the text needs to be large enough to read with ease—both walk walking by, and from at least a few feet way. We will customize in any size and scale you prefer, but none of the design elements within your logo can be smaller than 0.25”—so the bigger, the better!

If you will be investing in floor mats in a variety of custom rug sizes, why not go the extra mile and have your logo added too? It’s one of those little things that makes a big impression, and is a must if your rugs will be used as part of an off-site display or convention booth.

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