01 March 2011

Greg Foat Group news

Greg Foat Group EPI've just got hold of a promo copy of the new EP from London-based jazz pianist, Greg Foat. Taken from his forthcoming album on Jazzman Records, Dark is the Sun (The Greg Foat Group - JMANCD/LP.041), the EP comes on limited edition 10" vinyl with a beautiful, psychedelic, hand-printed sleeve (unfortunately not featuring a track listing).

Side A is a lovely, atmospheric, harpsichord-led piece, but my favourite track is the first tune on the B-side - a jazz waltz that kicks off with a definite nod to Harold McNair's "The Hipster". The theme and use of choir also draw similarities with Jim Williams' and John Lunn's theme from Hotel Babylon, but the track comes across as homage rather than pastiche. The rhythm really swings and the melody progresses nicely. The 3rd track is basically a reprise of the previous one and again conjures up something else I've heard, that for the life of me I can't quite place at this moment in time.

In conclusion, the EP is a welcome addition to my record collection and I look forward to hearing the whole album (will try to get my hands on an advance copy before its release in April!)

For more information, and to listen to clips from the EP for yourself, visit: jazzmangerald.blogspot.com/2011/02/coming-soon-greg-foat-group-10-ep.html

You can also catch Greg Foat playing live every Tuesday from 10pm at The Experimental Cocktail Club, upstairs at 13 Gerrard Street in Chinatown (a venue that in its former, less-sophisticated guise as the Thirteen Club was once home to Right On!). Admission is free before 11pm and £5 after, but the door staff can be quite difficult, so be sure to tell them you are there to hear the jazz.


orfy said...

Picked this up today on the strength of your review and I was not disappointed. Thanks for the tip.

FYI, tracklisting on the hand-stamped label is as follows:

A1. Time Piece 1 (Harpsichord Bugalu)
B1. Dark Is the Sun (Harpsichord Waltz)
B2. Dark Is the Sun (Reprise)

Jean-Paul Séculaire said...

Glad you liked the record. Thanks for your comment and for the track listing. Unfortunately my promo copy had blank labels, hence my not knowing the track titles when I wrote the review!