23 August 2010

Soho News

Here's an update on a couple of Soho stories I discussed here a while back.

First of all, it seems news of star barista Avni's departure from Bar Italia was greatly exaggerated. Having left for only a few weeks, Avni returned to take up the evening reins on the famous Gaggia machine once more. Suffice to say, late-night cappuccino lovers are in safe hands.

Bar Italia, 22 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4RP. (020) 7437 4520

The second story relates to the premises of Amato. As I reported some time ago, this once great patisserie sadly closed down. It reopened as a branch of Richoux, with a restaurant, rather than patisserie, focus. However, that venture did not last long and closed down again shortly after opening. The same premises was then set to become a branch of pizzeria chain Made In Italy. Despite the number of other pizza restaurants in Soho, the wonderful Made In Italy restaurants on The King's Road and Islington's Upper Street made this welcome news. The restaurant is now open and having eaten there the other night, I am happy to report that I was most impressed. Although rather cramped for space (due to the large number of tables squeezed in), the food is divine. Possibly the most authentic Italian pizza in London. Wood-fired ovens, fresh ingredients and home-made mozzarella ensure these pizzas served "a metro" are a cut above the rest. Although I dislike service charges being added to the bill (I strongly believe these should depend on a customer's own discretion), the edge was taken off this annoyance by the limoncello I was served "on the house".

Made In Italy, 14 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 4TH

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