23 August 2010

Free James Hunter concert - Sun 12 Sept

Great news for fans of James Hunter. He is to play a free outdoor gig on Sunday 12th September as part of this year's Thames Festival. Appearing on the Lady Luck Jive Stage (apparently being set up this year on the forecourt of the Tate Modern) from 8pm - 9pm, this is chance to catch London's most soulful singer for free on his home turf.

It's only now James is so (deservedly) famous that one really appreciates how special it was to hear him busking on the streets of Soho a few years back. These days he plays all over the US and UK in some of the countries' most prestigious venues.

Although the festival looks like a great fun weekend, this has to be the highlight. Take a tip from me and don't miss this no matter what the weather!

Find out more from the Thames Festival website: www.thamesfestival.org

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