20 July 2010

You Are Here: The best places to meet & work in London

When not DJing at The Stag O Lee Club, Ben Olins is working for Herb Lester Associates finding ways for organisations to talk to their customers through books, magazines, pamphlets and broadsides. His latest brain child is this excellent little map of Central London, showing the best venues to meet and work.

Tired of meeting in faceless coffee bars like Caffé Nero and Starbucks, Herb Lester Associates decided to compile a list of places that seemed ideal for a meeting; some chosen for their charm, others for their convenience.

With artwork by Michael Newhouse, You Are Here is a very attractive and useful pocket guide to some of the best places to meet in London: whether for business or pleasure.

Available for just £3 including postage, the map can be bought online from Herb Lester Associates website via Paypal.

I am told that there are more maps in the works too, including an historical one of London's 1960s hotspots.

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