17 May 2010

Arrivederci to Avni - Bar Italia's best barista

Although modesty prevented him acknowledging the fact himself, Avni was without a doubt the best barista at Bar Italia - and one of the very best in London. He worked the beautiful machine most evenings and nights for more years than I can remember, and was a joy to watch in action.

It was therefore with a heavy heart that I learnt some weeks ago now of the news of his departure. He has finally left the great institution and moved on to other things. Sadly I never got to say goodbye and could find out nothing from his former colleagues of his present whereabouts.

If anyone has any information, please do drop me a line to let me know. Or if anyone reading this is in touch with Avni, then please pass him my best regards from "dottore".

On behalf of myself and all the other late-night coffee lovers who have enjoyed Avni's perfect cappuccini over the years, I say GRAZIE!

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