09 November 2009

London Dossier feature by The Londonist

The Londonist have just published an interview they did with me about The London Dossier site. Check it out here:


I notice The London Dossier was also mentioned by Stitch & Bitch who were interviewed last month (thanks for that!):



Tallulah Tangle said...

Hi there

Lovely to meet yet another person that loves Walthamstow. I live there too. There's always loads of creative stuff going on in E17 isn't there?

BUT there's also some anti-arts stuff too. Have you signed up yet to save the cinema? It's seriously under threat of being converted into a church. It's secretly stunning inside - all gorgeous art deco. It's a Grade II* listed building and has an astonishing pedigree in terms of live gigs and film. So locals are fighting hard to keep it from slipping away forever.

Please sign up and help save it!

http://www.mcguffin.info and keep up with our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter (saveourcinema)

Emails to councillors urgently needed as the planning application is currently being considered.

Cheers, Tallulah Tangle, E17

Jean-Paul Séculaire said...

Yes, Walthamstow's a very creative place.

Regarding the cinema; I have signed the petition, been to the demonstrations and even have a poster in my window. Let's hope that the Council can be persuaded to step in and rescue the building.