06 August 2009

Wheelie Bag Wednesdays come to an end

DJ Wheelie BagOne of London's best-loved sessions has come to an end. After 8 years at The Pillars Of Hercules, the legendary DJ Wheelie Bag has been told by the venue that his services are no longer required. This comes as quite a surprise as Wheelie Bag's weekly Wednesday evenings have always been popular and well-attended. He has gained a lot of press over the last few years too and in my opinion has helped popularise this otherwise uninteresting Soho boozer.

Well, all good things come to an end as they say, but let's hope that this is a new beginning and that Deejay Wheelie Bag finds a new home where his talents are better appreciated.

You can find out more about the great man from his website: www.djwheeliebag.co.uk


No Hit Records said...

Good News.
DJ Wheelie Bag has a new home at the Spread Eagle Pub 141 Albert Street(Corner of Parkway) Camden Town, NW1 7NB. The first Wednesday of every month. Usual Wheelie bag fun, Games, top tunes and crap prizes.

Jean-Paul Séculaire said...

Yep, and a very good session it is too. I didn't post a news article about it, but it's been listed in the club nights calendar for the past few months. He's doing an early NYE bash as well and then returning on the first Wednesday in February.

Great location too - practically opposite the fab new premises of the Sounds That Swing record shop.