14 November 2008

URGENT - Ronnie Scott's night CANCELLED - 15 Nov

I am extremely sorry to announce that just half an hour ago I received a phone call telling me the management of Ronnie Scott's have cancelled my night there tomorrow (15 Nov). Apparently they double booked the venue and forgot to tell the promoters and DJs until this evening! Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing I could do to change this decision.

As you can imagine, I am shocked and upset by this. In seven years DJing and promoting this has never happened to me before and I would never have expected a world-famous venue like Ronnie Scott's to display this level of unprofessionalism.

All I can do is offer my sincerest apologies to you all. Especially for the unbelievably short notice. If I had any idea this could have happened I would never have arranged the night there.

Not only has this messed up my weekend and wasted many hours of my time spent in promoting and preparing the night, but around 150 people have also had their weekends messed up including people who were going to celebrate their birthday there and some who had planned to travel from outside London like those from Brighton & Hove and even the Midlands. I really hope this hasn't put anyone out of pocket.

Please could I ask you to pass this information on to anyone you know who might be planning on attending tomorrow night? I would really hate for anyone to waste their time and money travelling down there.

I can only apologise again and assure you I will do everything in my power to never allow this to happen again at any venue I DJ at in the future.

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