11 July 2008

New London jazz nights

You may have heard that I've stopped running my Home Cookin' nights for now to concentrate on other ventures. But worry not, for London has been blessed with not one but two new monthly jazz nights!

First up is Freedom Sound @ The Three Blind Mice on Ravey Street in Shoreditch. This venue used to be Smersh which was one of my favourite bars (and the first place I ever tried absinthe!)

Freedom Sound runs on the first Wednesday of every month and promises a "twisted look at the many sounds of jazz [...] the unexpected, unpredictable sound of freedom".

Second is an exciting sounding night at The Old Queen's Head in Islington called Jazz On The Road (inspired by Jack Kerouac's famous 1957 novel)

The launch night is Thursday 17th July and it will then take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month. The aim of the club is to:

"reproduce the style and the spirit of the Beat Generation dancing wildly to Be Bop and Mambo, whilst combining with London's Club Jazz Movement that has remained vibrant since the 80s."

Which sounds just like the idea behind Home Cookin'!

Expect live music plus jazz dance from Maki & Kola of The Jazzcotech Dancers as well as DJs Koichi Sakai and Kay Suzuki spinning dancefloor jazz.

Of course I should also mention that Favourite Things is still running every Monday at the new Proud venue in Camden. This night features live jazz plus DJs including the great Hugo Mendez from Soundway Records.

For full details of all these nights check out the Club listings page:

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