09 April 2008

100 Club gets Council's knickers in a twist

Sad to report that Westminster Council do not seem to share my passion for the art of burlesque.

A few weeks ago the 100 Club ran a retro night that featured burlesque dancers. Apparently there was a member of Westminster Council in attendance who decided that the degree of undress broke the 100 Club's license. This means that the club has had to have all their operations reviewed.

Unfortunately it also means that the all night license for this Saturday's 6Ts Northern soul allnighter has been rejected. But all is not lost; the night will still go ahead, but will finish at the earlier time of 3am.

I've been told that the 100 Club owner was due to meet with the Council this week so fingers crossed the situation can be resolved. More news as I hear it.

For more information on the 6Ts Rhythm & Soul allnighters visit http://www.6ts.info/
For more information on The 100 Club visit http://www.the100club.co.uk/

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