02 March 2008

European Film Noir - 2nd-27th March

During March, The BFI Southbank (formerly the National Film Theatre) is running an excellent programme of films entitled "Twilight and Treachery: The Postwar European Film Noir"

Highlights of the season include Godard's New Wave masterpiece "Bande à part", Bertolucci's stylish 1970 adaptation of Moravia's "The Conformist" and "Lift to the Scaffold" - famous for it's soundtrack by Miles Davis.

For full details of the season and a programme of all the films being shown visit:


The Conformist is also being shown at various dates through March at three other London cinemas - The Barbican, The Renoir (part of the Curzon group) and The Everyman.

For dates and more information check out: www.bfi.org.uk/releases/conformist/

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