29 November 2007

The final Rakehell's Revels - 18 December

Sadly there is now to be just one last ever Rakehell's Revels. This will take place on Tuesday 18th December.

Whether you are a regular, or have never been before, make sure you get down to this! It is your last chance to enjoy one of London's very best nights out.

I still don't know what exactly has prompted this club night to come to an end, though I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

I've never DJ'd at the club before myself, but I am honoured that David Piper has asked me to play a set at this final shindig. There will be many other DJs on the night too, so the individual sets are likely to be shorter than normal, but it should be a great fun night for everyone involved. I'm certainly very excited at the prospect of playing some tunes to the up-for-it crowd at this exquisite venue.

Remember to put on your finest threads for this too, as there is a strict smart dress code. This is one night where it really is worth dressing to the nines to match the glamour of the venue.

For full details see the listing here: www.londondossier.info/clubs.htm#tue

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