23 October 2007

London After Dark - film season

An excellent film season is currently underway at the Birkbeck Cinema, which offers a unique look at London after dark throughout the ages. Films are being shown every Tuesday afternoon at 2.30pm until the 4th December. And best of all, the screenings are free.

Here's the press release:

"The London Screen Study Collection continues in its mission to promote awareness of London's film heritage with a new season. Catch free screenings until 4 December.

"The focus is 'the capital by night' - as portrayed by both native and visiting film-makers over a seventy year period. The films range from low-budget talkies, to recent film-making that makes use of CGI to alter aspects of London locations."

The Birkbeck Cinema (formerly known as The Screen on Gordon Square) is located at 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD

Note that, although admission is free, due to the small size of the cinema (it seats 70) you should reserve a place in advance by contacting Angela English on a.english@bbk.ac.uk or (020) 7631 6181

This afternoon's film (23 October) is "Night and the City" from 1950 which offers an Expressionist view of London's sporting underworld.

Other upcoming films that sound particularly interesting include:

30 October - "Every Day Except Christmas" and "Nice Time"
Films from the 1950s Free Cinema movement that examine both the gritty and the glamorous sides of London life.

6 November - "Peeping Tom" (Michael Powell, 1960)
Seedy Fitrozia alleyways and attics in Powell's satire on the film business, which also explores the roots of voyeurism.

13 November - "Nighthawks" (Ron Peck, 1978)
Pioneering British independent film which aimed to portray metropolitan gay life from the inside for the first time.

For full film listings and details visit:

The Birkbeck Cinema is part of Birkbeck University's Centre for Film and Visual Media. For more information on the centre and the work they undertake vist:

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