26 October 2007

The end of Rakehell's Revels

More unhappy tidings to report: Rakehell's Revels – one of London's top club nights, and one of my favourites – is to come to an end.

Rakehell's has run every Tuesday (excusing summer breaks) for a few years now. The final date was planned for mid December, but last-minute news just in informs me that next Tuesday's Halloween bash (30th October) will be the last until two farewell finales in December.

I have so far been unable to ascertain the exact reason for this premature finish, but will let you know as and when I find out more.

In any case, it is a real loss for London's club scene and I strongly advise you to get down to these last three sessions. I am sure that they will all be very well attended, as Rakehell's is an extremely popular night, so do get down early to ensure you get in.

I'm honoured that host David Piper has invited me to spin a few tunes myself at one of the December finales. I'll post the date and details when this is confirmed.

For full details on Rakehell's Revels see the review on my Club Guide here: www.londondossier.info/clubs.htm

Do also check out the great Rakehell's Revels CDthat came out a few months back.

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Shaul-Ike said...

Especially in case you should know the causes behind this: is there a chance they'll reopen after a break?