21 December 2007

We Free Kings jazz session - Sat 22 December

We Free Kings flyerShort notice, but some more good news for jazz lovers. After a prolonged absence, the We Free Kings jazz happening returns on Saturday 22nd December. I've heard good things about this night, so would highly recommend checking it out.

The promoters promise "a warming concotion of the finest jazz music known to man as well as some not known to anyone but ourselves". In addition, they will be giving out some small presents "in keeping with the pagan gift-giving rituals that characterise this time of year".

As ever, the night takes place at The Three Kings pub (Time Out Critic's Choice) in Clerkenwell.

Full details as follows:

We Free Kings @ The 3 Kings
7 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0DY. (020) 7253 0483
From 8pm til late

29 November 2007

The final Rakehell's Revels - 18 December

Sadly there is now to be just one last ever Rakehell's Revels. This will take place on Tuesday 18th December.

Whether you are a regular, or have never been before, make sure you get down to this! It is your last chance to enjoy one of London's very best nights out.

I still don't know what exactly has prompted this club night to come to an end, though I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

I've never DJ'd at the club before myself, but I am honoured that David Piper has asked me to play a set at this final shindig. There will be many other DJs on the night too, so the individual sets are likely to be shorter than normal, but it should be a great fun night for everyone involved. I'm certainly very excited at the prospect of playing some tunes to the up-for-it crowd at this exquisite venue.

Remember to put on your finest threads for this too, as there is a strict smart dress code. This is one night where it really is worth dressing to the nines to match the glamour of the venue.

For full details see the listing here: www.londondossier.info/clubs.htm#tue

DJ Jean-Paul @ Trojan Explosion - 30 November

As readers of the Clubs page will know, Trojan Explosion is a monthly Friday session that I rate very highly. It's held in a brilliant basement venue in the heart of the West End and has a great mix of music - both obscurities and classics.

One of the resident DJs there, Texas Ranger, has kindly asked me to DJ with her this Friday, 30th November, while her partner in crime Mark Professor is away in the Caribbean.

Despite the name, the night is a really good mix of rockin' R&B, 60s soul, funk and soul-jazz alongside the ska, rocksteady and reggae. I'm very excited about this as it's a musical formula I love and is quite close to the sort of mix I play at Right On!

Anyway, very short notice I know, but I thought I'd post the info up here in case anyone is looking for somewhere to go this Friday and fancies hearing some of my tunes. Plus it's FREE before 11pm - bonus! Details as follows...

Trojan Explosion @ Market Place (downstairs bar)
11 Marketplace (behind Oxford Street), London, W1 8AH
Friday 30th November; 8pm-1am
FREE before 11pm then £7

23 November 2007

Home Cookin' - Sunday 9 December

Home Cookin' flyer
HOME COOKIN' - Blue Notes, Pie and Mash

Sunday 9th December 2007

Jean-Paul Seculaire presents a brand new FREE Sunday evening session of bebop, hard bop, soul jazz, Latin jazz, funk and blues selected from his collection of LPs and 45s.

Come down to this legendary whiskey cafe in Islington to hear some of the finest jazz ever committed to vinyl whilst drinking and making merry with like-minded souls.

And if you're feeling peckish and in need of a good Sunday dinner, why not try out the delicious Pie and Mash (vegetarian pies also available).

Time: 6pm - 11pm
Admission: FREE
Venue: Filthy MacNasty's
Address: 68 Amwell Street, London EC1R 1UU
Tubes: King's Cross, Angel

Finally I'm having a go at doing a pure jazz night. I've been toying around with the idea for a long time now. I had a jazz radio show for a while and now I'm going to be doing it live.

The venue is the famous Filthy MacNasty's whiskey bar in Islington. Paul Hallam's little den of iniquity... perfect setting for this night I think.

This is much more intimate than the venues I use for Right On! and it's a night aimed more at listening to music, drinking, eating and socialising than dancing (though you're welcome to dance if you like!)

Anyway, enough from me... would love to hear your thoughts on this as there aren't many nights like this around. And if you like the idea please do come down if you can, as only with your support will this become a regular event.

22 November 2007

DJing at Shuga Push - Saturday 24 November

A bit last minute, but I've just been booked to guest DJ at a club night called Shuga Push this Saturday - 24th November.

This is a night of Blues, Booze 'n' Burlesque. It used to be based at the Buffalo Bar in Islington, but has now moved to a great little 30s New York style Art Deco bar near Euston. Check out the venue online here: http://www.positively4thstreet.co.uk/

Myself and DJ Suave will be playing some swing and jazz early on and then tearin' the place apart later with dirty foot stompin' rhythm & blues platters to get you jumping, jiving, rockin' and rolling.

It's only a fiver to get in, or just a mere 3 quid before 8pm, so it won't break the bank. Get down early if you can as it's a great venue, but quite intimate, so will probably get quite busy later on.

Should be a real nice atmosphere with just music lovers and people in the know down there. There's unlikely to be any troublemakers or late-night drunks passing by, as the venue is central but a little off the beaten track.

The nearest tube station is Warren Street, but it's also just a short walk from Euston Square and Euston stations.

Full details as follows:

Shuga Push @ Positively 4th Street
119 Hampstead Road, NW1 3EE. (020) 7388 5380
Saturday 24th November. 7pm-1am
£3 before 8pm then £5 (£8 after 11pm)

Hope to see you there!

07 November 2007

The Magic Theatre - 24 November

The Magic Theatre is a glamourous sounding new club night coming up at the gorgeous Rivoli Ballroom on Saturday 24th November.

The idea behind the night is to hold to a diverse and magical event for "whoever you are or whoever you want to be". It is aimed at people of all sexualities and gender identities - anyone who loves to dress up and dance.

Musically the night promises to cover 60s Soundtracks, Brazilian, Lounge, Library Grooves, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Sixties Soul, 60s French and Italian Pop, and Jazz Dance courtesy of DJ Weegee. There will also be live music from The Roadhouse 5 who play Rat Pack Jazz, Soul and select Pop.

The Rivoli Ballroom should be the perfect venue for this unique night and was chosen especially as a fitting stage for costumes and outfits that are quirky, sensual and spectacular. In other words, a place to make a grand entrance, and to dance into the early hours.

The Rivoli is one of very few remaining original ballrooms in London. It apparently started life as the Crofton Park Picture Palace in July 1913, before being converted into a ballroom with a large sprung maple dancefloor in the late 1950s. Its beautiful original decor includes red velvet, flock wallpaper, chandeliers and glitter balls.

The club runs from 8pm til 1am though doors will open at 6pm for a Dressing Room, pre-club Costumier and Make-up Service with professional nail technician. Tickets are £12 and the promoters are highly recommending buying tickets in advance due to high interest and a strict capacity of 500.

The Rivoli Ballroom, 350 Brockley Road, SE4 2BY (opposite Crofton Park train station)

For tickets and further details visit: http://www.therivoli.co.uk/

27 October 2007

Can't Chain Up Me Mind @ The Vortex - 8th-9th November

Can't Chain Up Me Mind is an interesting sounding musical performance coming up at the Vortex Jazz Club on the 8th and 9th November.

Written by Tony Haynes with lyrics by Valerie Bloom and John Matshikiza, this show commemorates the bicentenary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

Press release:

"This brand new show remembers the Atlantic slave trade, but celebrates its great musical legacy – jazz and the music of Cuba and the Caribbean.

"The first set is built on music typical of West Africa, the Caribbean and Latin-America today – especially the dance rhythms of hi-life, salsa, ska, calypso and soca – music that has evolved from centuries of cultural mixing between Africa and the Americas.

"The second set takes the form of a New Orleans funeral – 'birth, death and life again' – as a metaphor for the historical journey taken by slaves, and their indomitable efforts to maintain their culture and identity in exile and adversity.

"Hymns and spirituals, Yoruba chants and drumming, reggae, samba and modern New Orleans marching music, steel pans, blues and stunning jazz improvisation and powerful, dramatic original songs are all brought together to create a vivid picture of slavery, and the glorious music it eventually gave birth to."

The show features a range of great African, Caribbean and Latin-American musicians and jazz soloists from the Grand Union Orchestra:

Claude Deppa (South Africa) - trumpet, African drums
Kevin Robinson (England) – trumpet, flugelhorn
or Byron Wallen (Belize) – trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Biscoe (England) – soprano & alto saxophones
Louise Elliott (Australia) – tenor saxophone, flute, congas
Harry Brown (England) – trombone
Tony Haynes (England) – trombone, piano
Andy Grappy (England) – tuba
Josefina Cupido (Spain) – Latin percussion, voice
Bravo Fimber (Trinidad) – steel pan, timbales
Gerry Hunt (England) – guitar, soprano & baritone saxophones
Andres Lafone (Uruguay) – bass guitar
Brian Abrahams (South Africa) – drums, voice

For further details visit: http://www.grandunion.org.uk/

Alternatively you can contact Alison Jones on (020) 7375 1122 or by email on alison@grandunion.org.uk

For details of the Vortex Jazz Club visit their website: http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/

26 October 2007

Duke Vin at Coast To Coast tomorrow

Coast To Coast flyer
This Saturday 27th October, legendary sound man Duke Vin joins DJ Cello as guest DJ at Coast to Coast.

Duke Vin is an important figure in the history of Jamaican music and is said to have one of the best collections in the world. He is also famed for having the only existing original copy of killer Derrick Harriott produced tune "The Tickler".

Duke Vin began his career in the early 1950s as a selector for Tom The Great Sebastian - the first major Sound System in Jamaica. He moved to London later in the decade, introducing England to Jamaican music - ska - through his Sound System, which was one of the first in the UK.

During the 1960s, Duke Vin played at London's top West End clubs: the original Marquee club on Oxford Street and then in it's new premises on Wardour Street, as well as The Flamingo, also on Wardour Street.

Back in 2003, I myself was honoured to have Duke Vin DJ for me at Right On! @ The Thirteen Club in Gerrard Street. This was a rare chance to hear him play in a smart West End club a stone's throw from the location of the Flamingo club where he played in the 1960s. This night was a sell-out and the biggest crowd we'd had to date.

If you love your ska and have not caught Duke Vin in session before, I'd recommend checking out Coast To Coast tomorrow - but do arrive early to ensure you get in.

For full details check out: http://www.coasttocoast.org.uk/

The end of Rakehell's Revels

More unhappy tidings to report: Rakehell's Revels – one of London's top club nights, and one of my favourites – is to come to an end.

Rakehell's has run every Tuesday (excusing summer breaks) for a few years now. The final date was planned for mid December, but last-minute news just in informs me that next Tuesday's Halloween bash (30th October) will be the last until two farewell finales in December.

I have so far been unable to ascertain the exact reason for this premature finish, but will let you know as and when I find out more.

In any case, it is a real loss for London's club scene and I strongly advise you to get down to these last three sessions. I am sure that they will all be very well attended, as Rakehell's is an extremely popular night, so do get down early to ensure you get in.

I'm honoured that host David Piper has invited me to spin a few tunes myself at one of the December finales. I'll post the date and details when this is confirmed.

For full details on Rakehell's Revels see the review on my Club Guide here: www.londondossier.info/clubs.htm

Do also check out the great Rakehell's Revels CDthat came out a few months back.

24 October 2007

Pop Art @ The Gagosian Gallery

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Pop Art movement, The Gagosian Gallery on Britannia Street in King's Cross is currently hosting an exhibition entitled "Pop Art Is..."

Though worth visiting just to see Roy Lichenstein's famous "Art" painting from 1962 (see picture below), there are many other important and interesting works from more than 40 artists in total. And there is no excuse to miss this, as admission is completely free.

But hurry, as the exhibition has already been open for a month and finishes on 10th November.

6Ts All-Nighters at Jacks cancelled

This message just in from Ady Croasdell who runs the 6Ts Rhythm & Soul Society:

"I've decided to cancel all future events at Jack's due to an unexpected increase in the rent and a decrease in the hours at the last one. I should have notified everyone well before now but Kent's 25th celebrations just took over eveything. My apologies for the very late notice.

"Now we are back at the 100 Club it seems people much prefer going to those dances rather than the ones at Jack's. I'd like to thank Johnny Gamlin for coming to our rescue earlier in the year with the venue, when we really needed it. The first night was brilliant about 400 people enjoying a great atmosphere in the impressive club. However there were only just over 100 at the second and perhaps 150 at the third so it's obvious that 6TS members hadn't enjoyed it as much as I thought they had, or perhaps they were just happy to be back in the 100 Club. Either way Jack's was a short but memorable experience.

"The next 6TS will be at the 100 Club on December 1st, 9pm-6am. The Xmas party is on Dec 20th 9pm-2am. Membership is optional for all 6TS events now."

23 October 2007

London After Dark - film season

An excellent film season is currently underway at the Birkbeck Cinema, which offers a unique look at London after dark throughout the ages. Films are being shown every Tuesday afternoon at 2.30pm until the 4th December. And best of all, the screenings are free.

Here's the press release:

"The London Screen Study Collection continues in its mission to promote awareness of London's film heritage with a new season. Catch free screenings until 4 December.

"The focus is 'the capital by night' - as portrayed by both native and visiting film-makers over a seventy year period. The films range from low-budget talkies, to recent film-making that makes use of CGI to alter aspects of London locations."

The Birkbeck Cinema (formerly known as The Screen on Gordon Square) is located at 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD

Note that, although admission is free, due to the small size of the cinema (it seats 70) you should reserve a place in advance by contacting Angela English on a.english@bbk.ac.uk or (020) 7631 6181

This afternoon's film (23 October) is "Night and the City" from 1950 which offers an Expressionist view of London's sporting underworld.

Other upcoming films that sound particularly interesting include:

30 October - "Every Day Except Christmas" and "Nice Time"
Films from the 1950s Free Cinema movement that examine both the gritty and the glamorous sides of London life.

6 November - "Peeping Tom" (Michael Powell, 1960)
Seedy Fitrozia alleyways and attics in Powell's satire on the film business, which also explores the roots of voyeurism.

13 November - "Nighthawks" (Ron Peck, 1978)
Pioneering British independent film which aimed to portray metropolitan gay life from the inside for the first time.

For full film listings and details visit:

The Birkbeck Cinema is part of Birkbeck University's Centre for Film and Visual Media. For more information on the centre and the work they undertake vist:

14 October 2007

White Mischief @ The Scala - Sat 10 Nov

I'm very excited to be DJing at The Scala on Saturday 10th November for a night called White Mischief: From The Earth To The Moon. This promises to be a unique indoor festival over 3 floors featuring live music, DJs, burlesque and cabaret.

I'll be DJing in the main room (capacity 500+) supporting ace soul band Lord Large and British Sea Power with a set of 60s soul and other related dancefloor sounds. I'll be on from around midnight til 3am.

Lord Large have been making a great name for themselves with their authentic 60s soul and ska releases on Acid Jazz. If you haven't seen them live yet, you're in for a treat.

For full details see the flyer below or visit: http://www.whitemischief.info/

To buy advance tickets online visit: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=235130

White Mischief flyer

10 October 2007

John Holt live - 28 Nov - with DJs Mark Lamarr and Jean-Paul Séculaire

I'm honoured to have been asked to assist Mark Lamarr with DJ duties in support of the great John Holt at his live concert at the Jazz Cafe on Wednesday 28th November.

"Sir" John Holt is a reggae legend and one of the most soulful voices that Jamaica has produced. As lead singer of the Paragons in the 1960s he was responsible for evergreen rocksteady classics like "The Tide Is High" and "Wear You To The Ball". Since 1970 he has enjoyed a hugely successful solo career with his unique brand of soulful reggae. Popular in clubs to this day for tunes like "Ali Baba", "I'm Your Man" and "Maybe The First Time", John Holt is still going strong and continues to record and perform live.

This is a very rare opportunity to see Mr Holt in an intimate venue, as he usually only plays at much larger venues like the Apollo. He'll be at the Jazz Cafe for one night only - so don't miss out!

Doors: 7pm
Tickets: £27.50 advance

Full details from the Jazz Cafe's website here:

You can find more information about John Holt here:

Michael Garrick live - Sat 13 Oct

Legendary British jazz composer/pianist Michael Garrick will be performing live with his new Quartet this Saturday 13th October at The Pizza On The Park to launch their new DVD "Inspirations" (based on their album of the same name).

Having seen Mr Garrick play in a small group format a year or two ago at The Spice of Life, I cannot recommend this enough. This should be a gig to remember for all modern jazz fans.

I've been told there will be an admission charge, though I am not sure how much this will be. I'd advise checking with the venue in advance on (020) 7235 7825

Address: Pizza On The Park, 11 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LY
(Hyde Park tube station exit 4)

Michael Garrick is now on MySpace where you can listen some of his wonderful music. Check out his page here:

You can find the Pizza On The Park website here:

Note that Pizza On The Park's lease will apparently be expiring shortly, which will unfortunately see an end to their programme of live music.

06 October 2007

The Pretty Things and Arthur Brown live - 30 Nov

An interesting gig coming up in November...

Eel Pie Club presents The Pretty Things + The Amazing World of Arthur Brown live in concert

Date: Friday 30th November 2007
Venue: York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham, London TW1 3AA
Price: £23.00

I saw both acts playing rhythm & blues sets at the 100 Club a couple of years back for the launch of the Martin Scorsese Blues films and I have to say they were both very good. Arthur Brown in particular still has a great voice. Not sure what sort of material they'll be playing this time, but should be well worth checking out. The Pretty Things don't play live in London very often so if you're a fan make sure you don't miss it.

For more information and to buy tickets vist:

01 October 2007

Steinberg & Tolkien closes down

I heard this news a while back, but forgot to post anything about it. Popular King's Road vintage clothes shop Steinberg & Tokien have apparently closed down.

Though geared more towards women than men, I still have fond memories of this place. It was in this quirky little boutique that I bought my first silver tie clip many years ago.

Full story from Time Out here:

20 September 2007

The Spitz to close after 11 years

More sad news... yet another London landmark is to close.

Despite a well supported campaign to keep it open, The Spitz is being forced to close after more than a decade as one of London's most popular alternative music venues. Its last night of business in its current premises will be Thursday 27th September.

The Spitz is a project of registered charity The Dandelion Trust and is currently hoping to relocate.

The Spitz is not the first alternative music venue in recent years to be threatened with closure in the name of 'progress'.

The same thing happened to the Vortex jazz club not long ago, though fortunately they have now settled into a new home. The Dive bar in Soho was not so lucky as that closed its doors forever a couple of years back.

And despite campaigning leading to it being Listed, there is also still an ongoing battle to return live music to the Rayners in Rayners Lane - former home of Club Ska (see http://www.clubska.com/)

Press release regarding The Spitz's last night below:

"The Spitz marks its last night at Old Spitalfields Market on Thursday 27th September with a very special celebration. Inspired by Art Kanes world famous 1958 photograph of jazz musicians in Harlem, "A Great Day in Harlem", we will stage "A Great Night in The Spitz" gathering together all the fantastic jazz, blues and folk musicians who have played at the Spitz in our eleven year history at Old Spitalfields Market.

"A Great Night in The Spitz" will be staged on both floors of The Spitz. In the Spitz venue a rolling improvised all star jazz jam with Miles Danso and The Spitz Jazz Collective at its core will feature all the magnificent London jazz musicians who have played at the Spitz including Gwyneth Herbert, Seb Rochford, Peter Wareham, Tom Herbert, Bukky Leo, Terry Edwards, Shri and many more. On the ground floor in The Spitz Bistro, Sandy Dillion heads up a very special night of blues and folk with Pete Molinari, Monc and more.

The evening begins at 7 pm sharp in The Spitz Bistro to the ethereal harp playing of Kat Arney. This will be the last music event The Spitz holds at 109 Commercial Street, we look forward to seeing you at The Spitz party to end all parties! £15 adv"

To buy tickets for this event visit: http://wegottickets.com/event/21636

For more information about the Spitz and its last few remaining shows at Spitalfields visit: http://www.spitz.co.uk/

The Spitz is currently based at:
109 Commercial Street, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG

19 September 2007

New Piccadilly Cafe closes forever on 22 Sept

As you may have read in the press, this Saturday - 22 September 2007 - is sadly the last day of business ever for The New Piccadilly Cafe, one of the few original cafes left in central London and a Soho institution. It has been there since the early 1950s and still has its wonderful original interior.

The place is likely to be completely demolished so get down there while you still can for one last cup of tea (best avoid the coffee) and a sad farewell to one of Soho's most colourful locales.

Be warned though, it is likely to be extremely busy and you may well have to wait to get a table.

The New Piccadilly, 8 Denman Street, Soho, W1. (020) 7437 8530
(nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus)

13 September 2007

Amazing Soul Revue @ The Forum - 19 Oct

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Kent Records (subsidiary of top UK reissue label Ace), will be hosting a live 60s style Soul Revue at The Forum in Kentish Town, featuring a plethora of amazing legendary 60s soul artists such as Maxine Brown and Tommy Hunt.

See the flyer below for full details or visit http://www.6ts.info/

For more info on Kent and Ace Records, visit http://www.acerecords.co.uk/

Kent 25th Anniversary Soul Revue poster

31 August 2007

Tighten Up changes venue

Tighten Up - one of London's top reggae nights - has changed venue. They are now based downstairs @ The Embassy Bar, 119 Essex Road, Islington, N1 2SN

The next date is Saturday 1st September and the night is on every first Saturday of the month thereafter.

For full details check out the listing on the London Dossier clubs page: www.londondossier.info/clubs.php

28 August 2007

The King of Ska live - 23 November 2007

Seems the Prince Buster gig at Fairfield Hall in Croydon was rescheduled from 3 August to Friday 23 November. It will be a rare chance to see him perform in London - so don't miss it!

Venue: Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon, London
Time: 8pm
Price: £21.50
Support from: The Dualers

Details are now up on the venue's website: http://www.fairfield.co.uk/

For more on Prince Buster - the King of Ska - see: www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/a1d32e75-2391-4d94-904e-13536304dcf6

17 August 2007

Deep Fried - Mon 20 August

Sorry for the short notice, but this is going to be an excellent night and is for a really good cause too. You should get down to it if you can!

It's organised by my friend Paul Leney (www.djpaul.retroruss.com) and also features the fantastic Perry Louis from the Jazzcotech dancers (www.jazzcotech.com) too. Both of them are top DJs and have DJ'd for me at Right On! nights in the past. There are also other DJs flying in from all over Europe to play on the night too.

See the flyer below for full details:

18 June 2007

Rakehell's Revels CD launch

Rakehell's Revels - London's most exciting and glamourous Tuesday night club - has just released an excellent CD compilation featuring the kind of tunes you will hear at their soirees.

You can see the tracklist and order a copy from Amazon here:

Rakehell's Revels CD - Amazon.co.uk

A launch party is being held on Tuesday 19th June. This is expected to be very busy so arrive early and make sure you dress up!

For more information on Rakehell's Revels visit the London Dossier clubs page: www.londondossier.info/clubs.htm

16 June 2007

Jimmy Cliff live - 14 July 2007

Reggae and soul legend JIMMY CLIFF plays live at The Croydon Festival this year

Date: Saturday 14th July 2007
Location: Lloyd Park, Coombe Road, Croydon, Surrey

Support from The Dualers

For more info visit: http://www.croydonfestival.com/african_caribbean.html

Blues legend Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards live!

A truly unique gig coming up in August this year.

The "Not The Same Old Blues Crap" UK tour will be featuring none other than 91 year old Delta blues legend Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards!

DAVE "HONEYBOY" EDWARDS is the last of the original Mississippi Delta country blues guitar players still playing out at an astonishing 91 years of age! Honeyboy was a contemporary of - and played with - Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Big Joe Williams, Howlin' Wolf and a host of other Delta legends. Do not miss this chance to catch him playing live.

Details of the London date are as follows:


Support from: Michael Frank + Dave Peabody
Admission: £15.00 advance / £ 17.50 on the door
Doors: 7pm
Venue: The Spitz, 109 Commercial Street, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG
Box office: (020) 7392 9032
Online bookings: http://www.wegottickets.co.uk/event/19309

For more info visit: http://www.spitz.co.uk/ and http://www.punkrockblues.co.uk/

James Hunter @ The Jazz Cafe

Still touring hard, and continuing to make TV appearances on the likes of Jools Holland, the amazing James Hunter will be back in London performing for two nights only at the Jazz Cafe in Camden.

Dates: Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd August 2007
Doors: 7pm
Advance tickets: £17.50

The Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PG (Nearest tube: Camden Town)

For more info visit: http://www.jazzcafe.co.uk/

And to find out more about James Hunter, visit his official website where you can also listen to some of his music:


Tony Kofi live - 20 & 21 June

Tony Kofi Trio + 1 play live in London on Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st June @ The Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street in Soho.

Tony Kofi is an excellent (and award winning) saxophonist who has performed with many of the leading talents in the world of Jazz. He has toured extensively throughout the world and has performed alongside Courtney Pine, Dr Lonnie Smith, Eddie Henderson, Gary Crosby's Nu-Troop, Julian Joseph Big Band, Jazz Jamaica All Stars, US-3 and The Grand Union Orchestra to name a few.

Tickets are priced at £17. To book, call the venue on (020) 7734 3220.

For further details see the Pizza Express website: http://www.pizzaexpresslive.co.uk/

For more info on Tony Kofi visit: http://www.tonykofi.com/

16 April 2007

Skatalites live at The Jazz Cafe

THE SKATALITES Live at the Jazz Cafe

5 Parkway, Camden, London

Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th April 2007

+ guest DJ Mark Lamarr (24th) + guest DJ Christine Indigo (25th)

doors 7pm. £22.50 advance

Great club night - Sat 21 April 2007


@ Bar Sesto,
254 Edgware Rd, London W2 1DS (tube: Edgware Road)

Saturday 21st April 2007

This is a great fun club night at a lovely venue run by three of my good friends (Mark Professor, Texas Ranger and Truck Turner) who are all excellent DJs with huge collections of vinyl.

The night runs from 9pm til 2am and musically anything goes! Soul, Reggae, Rocksteady, Funk, Punk, Indie, Jazz etc. etc. etc. The DJs will be digging deep into their record collections for a unique and completely eclectic selection.

NOTE: Admission is only 3 pounds - BARGAIN!

JTQ and Root Source live - 20 April 2007


Friday 20th April 2007

@ The Jazz Cafe,
5 Parkway, London NW1 7PG (tube: Camden Town)

The JTQ need no introduction being one of the world's greatest funky Hammond jazz groups. The Root Source are a Hammond/Rhodes outfit - comprising of young talented jazz musicians led by my good friend Andy Fairclough from The Organism. He's an excellent keyboard player and really deserves your support. They also return to the Jazz Cafe the next day (Saturday 21st April)

Doors: 7pm
Admission: 20 pounds

05 February 2007

Alpha Old Boys live - 9th February

An amazing concert covering ska, rocksteady and reggae will be taking place this Friday the 9th February 2007 at the Coronet Theatre in Elephant and Castle featuring a breath-taking line-up of legendary former students of the Alpha Boys' School in Jamaica such as:

Owen Gray
Lester Sterling
Rico Rodriquez
Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton
Tony Gregory

and many more!

See the flyer below for full details.

For further info please visit the Alpha Old Boys' Association website:

Alpha Boys Band Foundation Concert Part One flyer

13 January 2007

Transatlantic Soul Connections - 4 Feb 2007

Another exciting event is coming up at the Barbican on the 4th February:

Transatlantic Soul Connections

Featuring live performances from 60s soul stars Geno Washington, Jimmy James, Madeline Bell and none other than the legendary former Stax recording artist Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave fame) plus more TBC, this will be a tribute to the 1960s soul music that inspired a generation of British youth longing for a "sound and a style that would lift them out of a drab early-closing postwar Britain".

My advice is to book now as all the best tickets in the stalls have already gone and these Barbican events always sell out.

Details are as follows:

4th February 2007, 7:30pm @ The Barbican Hall
The Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS
Tickets: £15 / 20 / 25 - subject to availability

For more info and to book tickets visit: http://www.barbican.org.uk/music/event-detail.asp?ID=5291

12 January 2007

The Black Gardenia

As mentioned in an earlier post, The Push bar on Dean Street in Soho has been taken over by new management. It has now been re-opened and re-named The Black Gardenia.

The venue will now host the Bo Bo's Jumpin' Blues Joint club night every single Saturday, featuring resident DJ Jake Vegas (Lady Luck) and occasional live bands (on nights with no band, admission will apparently be free). Moreover the venue also promises great music every night of the week: blues, r'n'b, jazz etc.

The first night of the now weekly Bo Bo's Jumpin' Blues Joint is on this Saturday - 13th January 2007 - with a live set from Jake Vegas plus guest DJ Paul P'Vert.

Details as follows:

The Black Gardenia (formerly Push)
93 Dean Street, Soho, London W1.

8pm-1am. Band on 11pm.
Free admission before 11pm, £5 after.