16 May 2006

Sweet But Deadly club

Sweet but Deadly is expanding…it will now be running twice a month, one date for bands and 60s beat/garage DJs, and more interestingly one date with just DJs playing pure modernist sounds - 60s soul, rhythm & blues, Motown, Stax, ska, dancefloor jazz, Latin and Hammond grooves.

This night runs from 9pm - 2am and the door charge is just £3. However there is strictly no admission after midnight so get there early!

Guest DJs this Friday (19th May) are Marcus Hjoberg and Liam Hughes.

Next month's date is Friday 23rd June and will feature guest DJ Michael Jemmeson as well as myself - Jean-Paul Séculaire.

July's date will be Friday 21st.

For more info visit http://www.myspace.com/SweetButDeadlyclub

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